Crude Oil calendar straddle

We are positioning bigger picture short crude oil with a short-term upside hedge with a calendar straddle on Crude Oil ETF (USO). We are buying to open the August 17th $14.00 put option for $0.75. To hedge the chance that we are early, we are buying a short term June 15th 2018 call option at $14.00 for a $0.55 cost. This is a $1.30 capital outlay. Traders should size their position based on the entire premium being at risk.

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New AT&T Put Write

We are opening a new position on AT&T (T). We are selling to open the January 2019 $32.00 put for a $2.42 credit and buying to open the June 2018 $30.00 put for a $0.22 debit as a hedge.  This is a $2.20 net credit or $220.00 per 1 contract combo.

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Bullish Opportunity on Apple

Symbol:                 AAPL
Last Traded:         $169.10
20 Day MA:          $168.72
First Targets         $180.00
Measured Target:$182.50.00-$195.00
Outlook:  We are refreshing the Apple breakout as a new re-entry breakout. The stock is suggesting a post earnings open above $175.

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Bullish Opportunity on American Express

Symbol:                 AXP
Last Traded:         $98.58
20 Day MA:          $97.22
First Targets         $102.00
Measured Target:$104.00-$110.00
Outlook:  We are looking to see if American Express can follow through to the upside after a strong earnings move.

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